Help Us Appeal to the City

Many of the visitors to this website have been to Fort Woof and know what a great asset it is to the city of Fort Worth, but did you know that the city is considering another park at Z. Boaz on the west side of town? We in the Fort Worth Dog Park Association feel that a park at Z. Boaz would serve a lot of new people and their dogs from that part of town, and would also help keep Fort Woof less crowded on busy days.

For the Z. Boaz dog park to become a reality, we need your help. The Mayor and city council need to know that you support the new park and that you want the City to seek funding for it. Please contact the Mayor and your councilperson to voice your support.

Read the Fort Worth Dog Park Association’s open Letter to the Fort Worth City Council:

An Open Letter to the Fort Worth City Council

Re: Funding for a Dog Park at Z. Boaz

Fort Worth Mayor and City Council,

The Fort Worth Dog Park Association (and a bunch of dogs and their humans) request that you include funding for a dog park at Z. Boaz Park in the upcoming bond program.

Fenced, off-leash dog parks have spread across the nation, providing city dwellers a place to enjoy the out doors with their four legged family members.

The City has done such a masterful job in “releasing the hounds” at Fort Woof Dog Park, it is recognized as one of the best dog parks in the nation. In 2006, Fort Woof was recognized as the best dog park in the nation. Houzz website recently listed Fort Woof as first of five great dog parks across the country.

Fort Woof is one of the most used parks in the City and is a place where complete strangers talk to one another, strike up friendships, and even find the loves of their life. The City staff has gone the extra mile to make Fort Woof a special spot for two and four legged visitors. Dog parks build a special feeling of community growing out of the shared love of dogs. And Fort Woof “popped” Gateway Park, improving its reputation and bringing down crime associated with the park in the past because, well, there were a bunch of watch dogs.

Fort Woof has led to 7 other cities in Tarrant County building dog parks of their own, but Fort Woof still garners a lot of out of town visitors because of its quality.

The Fort Worth Dog Park Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that started in 2002 to demonstrate public support for establishing a dog park in Fort Worth, Texas. When the Fort Worth City Council voted to establish Fort Woof Dog Park in 2003, it called for a total of 5 dog parks in the City’s Master Plan.

Mayor Moncrief called on the Fort Worth Dog Park Association to work in a public-private partnership to support Fort Woof. Since Fort Woof was established, the Fort Worth Dog Park Association has secured over $50,000 in funding that has been used to provide lighting, build a pooch obstacle course, benches, shaded areas, new trees and even a bat house to keep away mosquitos. The Association also puts on an annual event at Fort Woof, Barktoberfest, provides user education, and maintains a website ( and social media group with over 1400 members (

Fort Woof has become very popular. Sometimes so popular it has become overcrowded. Overcrowding leads to nipping and worn out grass. The time has come for the next dog park set forth in the City’s master plan.

Dog owners mean money. Last year pet owners spent $61 billion on their pets in this country. Bring dog owners to Fort Worth and they will bring their money.

Z. Boaz is a great location for a community park that will serve an under-served area. A dog park at Z. Boaz will build a quick community of users that will support park expansion.

Because Fort Worth’s pooches (and their humans) are ready for another dog park, the City of Fort Worth should seek funding for a new dog park at Z. Boaz as well as for a parking lot that will not only serve the dog park but other amenities at Z. Boaz.

The Fort Worth Dog Park Association commends the Mayor and Council for including such funding in the latest list of funded projects and will actively support its inclusion through the bond program process.

We look forward to working with the City Council to providing another place for Fort Worth to “release the hounds.”

Please contact me if you have any comments or questions about Fort Worth’s next dog park.

Thank you,

Jason C.N. Smith
Fort Worth Dog Park Association